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Manufacturers of Science Laboratory, LPG and Traditional Gas Taps

Supplying both schools and colleges with our Laboratory fittings

Established in 1907, Edward Page Fittings Ltd has over 100 years experience in the design and manufacture of high quality brass fittings for use, primarily, in the gas industry.

Supplying both schools and colleges with our Laboratory fittings, Edward Page is well placed to supply your Laboratory Gas Taps whether you require modern state of the art designs or Lab Taps of a historical nature. Remember, we’ve been supplying gas taps to Science Laboratories for 105 years, there is no company in the UK today that has more experience. We are proud of the very high standards our Gas Fittings are manufactured to which comply with both BSI and ISO Industry standards.

Our Stop Cocks have been used in Science Laboratories in Schools, Colleges and other medical institutions throughout the whole of the UK, ensuring the highest standards of safety are met and providing safety for our children whilst they learn.

As well as supplying new Gas Taps and Gas Stop Cocks, we are also in a position to help you maintain your existing systems. We’ve been around a long time and it’s likely that you have one of our Gas Taps in your Science Laboratory. If spares or replacement part are needed for a Gas Tap in your School Laboratory, why not give us a call.

Edward Page Fittings Ltd

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Established 1907
Manufacturer of high quality fittings
Traditional or modern gas tap designs
Comply to BSI and ISO standards
Maintain existing lab equipment
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